Father Christmas Stops Off At Stay 'n' Play

Father Christmas took a day away from planning his present delivery marathon to drop in and say hello at the annual Stay 'n' Play Christmas party.

News of how good the children had been at our weekly Stay 'n' Play sessions had made its way to the North Pole; so much so that the 'man in red' had boarded his sleigh straightaway and make a special trip to Kenilworth. Father Christmas was pleased to meet all our Stay 'n' Players, he exchanged glad tidings and offered each a special chocolate treat. Father Christmas said, "I was made to feel very welcome by the wonderful children and their parents. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas."

Special thanks to Mrs Olden and the Crackley Hall Chamber Choir, their pitch perfect performance provided a wonderful festive atmosphere to the party session.

Please note that Little Crackers Stay ‘n’ Play returns after the Christmas break on Wednesday 10 January.