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Does my child need to be dry to attend Little Crackers?

No, we have nappy changing facilities in place and will support toilet training with parents. Parents are asked to supply nappies, wipes and changes of clothes.

I am worried about leaving my child for the first time, how do you manage children settling in and what do you recommend as a settling in period?

Most parents are anxious when leaving their child for the first time that is why we arrange a settling in sessions, typically two or three, before your child starts Nursery.

Can I stay with my child during the settling in period?

Yes, if you would like to, although you may be encouraged to leave your child for a short time in order for them to experience nursery independently.

How many sessions do you recommend? Does this change as the child gets older/closer to school age?

We recommend a minimum of two sessions per week, gradually increasing to full time as the child nears their Reception year.

What happens at lunchtime – can nursery children have school meals or do they bring a packed lunch?

Lunch is at 11.45am. Nursery children use the school dining room, and are first to be served, with children from Reception joining them shortly after. The children can have a school meal, bring a packed lunch, or a combination of the two.

Do you accept employers’ childcare vouchers? How does this work?

Yes, we do accept employers’ childcare vouchers. We need you to supply us with details of your employer, and the agency they use to administer the vouchers, along with a registration form from them for us to complete. (Please contact the office staff for further information).

How do I find out about/apply for nursery funding and when would my child become eligible?

There are leaflets available in the Nursery which explain Nursery Funding. Children are eligible in the term after they reach the age of 3. Please see office staff for further details.

What do I need to send my child with?

Change of clothes, nappies, wipes and creams (if appropriate), a comforter if needed, in summer a sun hat and sun cream, in winter a woolly hat, gloves, wellington boots and pumps for PE.

Who do I speak to regarding my child’s progress at Nursery?

Each child is allocated a key worker who is responsible for observations, communication with parents and helping your child’s progress in all areas of development. You will be introduced to your child’s key worker during the introductory taster session.