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Little Crackers

A journey into learning

At Little Crackers we believe that it is never too early to start on an exciting journey into learning, that's why we have carefully structured our nursery for two-year olds, three-year olds and pre-school.

Little Crackers Nursery, at the heart of Crackley Hall School, is carefully structured for two-year olds, three-year olds and pre-school.

In our vibrant nursery rooms and attractive outdoor areas, we offer flexible sessions with an emphasis on learning through play and exploration, in a friendly, caring environment.

We are open for 51 weeks a year, with year-round and term-time only places available.

The nursery is based in two rooms, one dedicated to the Terrific Twos and the larger main nursery room for the Thrilling Threes and Fabulous Fours. The activities in each room change regularly and are focused around the individual age groups’ specific needs, supported by a qualified Early Years Teacher. We can accommodate a maximum of 12 two-year olds and 40 three and four-year olds.

Our children also benefit from trying new activities at an early age including Music, Drama, PE and Games, Forest School and French lessons, all taught by specialist teachers.

News & Stories

  • Warwickshire Police Help Little Crackers Learn

    21 Mar19/03/21 14:43:18

    Little Crackers Nursery was delighted to welcome PCSO Lithgow and PC Holt into school on Tuesday 19 March.

  • Stay 'n' Players Made The Most Of Little Earthlings' Monkey Puzzle Moves

    18 Jan19/01/18 00:00:00

    On Wednesday 16 January Little Crackers Stay ‘n’ Players enjoyed a visit from Little Earthlings Yoga.

  • Stay ‘n' Play Have A Cracking Christmas Party

    06 Dec18/12/06 00:00:00

    What a cracking Christmas party the Stay 'n' Players had on Wednesday 5 December. At what was the last session f...

  • Nursery Nativity - A King Is Born

    05 Dec18/12/05 00:00:00

    Little Crackers Nursery has been full of anticipation as pupils and staff have excitedly prepared for this year’s...

  • Isabella And Bode Impress At National ISA Art Competition

    30 Nov18/11/30 00:00:00

    Former Little Crackers pupil, Bode Owen, and Crackley Hall Junior 5 pupil,  Isabella Ward, were both recently recog...

  • 24 May19/05/24 14:09:36 @CrackleyHallSch

    Seamus orders his ice cream in French. Excellent linguistic skills! They must have a very good French teacher. https://t.co/lsVPnvdPME

  • 24 May19/05/24 13:02:04 @CrackleyHallSch

    Seamus and Oscar paying their respects, yesterday. Due to lying about their age, many children remembered here were only 16 years old. Heart-breaking. https://t.co/JjKOT4tkZY

  • 24 May19/05/24 12:59:59 @CrackleyHallSch

    Another photo from yesterday, Crackley Hall visiting the WWII memorial in Bayeux. Thanks to Isabella O for being our hat model. https://t.co/KTeQTGrFup

  • 24 May19/05/24 12:58:17 @CrackleyHallSch

    Footage from yesterday's trip to Bayeux. Excellent French from Head Girl, Francesca. Madame Williams was very impressed! https://t.co/uQyqzM8miG

  • 23 May19/05/23 15:51:07 @CrackleyHallSch

    Lest we forget. Crackley Hall are paying their respects to the men and women who fought in World War II. Bayeux war cemetery is a beautiful memorial for some very brave and honourable people and we will remember them. https://t.co/PPKhTYFOcH

  • 22 May19/05/22 15:30:08 Crackley Hall School

  • 22 May19/05/22 10:00:29 Crackley Hall School

    J6 are having a wonderful time on their residential trip to France! So far the children have explored Vieux La Romaine, the Basilique St Thérèsa and Longues-sur-mer, and are enjoying their week learning about the history of Normandy. They have even baked their own baguettes, and done their own food shopping, ordering and paying in French! For regular updates from the trip see: www.twitter.com/crackleyhallsch

  • 21 May19/05/21 12:57:43 Crackley Hall School

    Junior 1 pupils were treated to a hands-on history lesson when they took a peek into St John's Museum's old toy collection. The museum, which is based in Warwick, brought a range of real and replica toys and games into school on Thursday 16 May to run an interactive workshop for the children as they approach the end of their topic on 'Toys'. They gave a talk on the history and construction of the toys in the museum's collection before letting the children loose to investigate all the toys. The workshop consolidated the children's studies supporting both the History and Design Technology curriculums. The collection included toys from the Victorian era through to the 1970s. The children explored how toys have changed over the years as technology and materials have developed. They found out interesting facts such as Victorian toys were developed to teach children important skills. Although that did not stop Victorian children from having fun! Assistant Head – Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, Susan Glen-Roots commented, "It was a fascinating workshop, the children were really interested and listened beautifully before playing very carefully with the old toys. I am very proud of them and it was wonderful to see them having so much fun. Sessions like these really do help to bring the curriculum to life."

  • 14 May19/05/14 12:23:00 Crackley Hall School

    On Monday 13 May Crackley Hall's two Junior 3 classes, travelled back in time to explore Ancient Greece courtesy of history specialists, History Off The Page. Some 2,500 years ago, Ancient Greece was one of the most important places in the world made up of small 'city-states', such as Athens, Sparta, Corinth and Olympia. Its people were great thinkers, warriors, writers, actors, athletes, artists, architects and politicians and their ideas started a way of life that is similar to the life we lead today. Junior 3's Ancient Greece Day transported the children back to 490BC to the city-state of Athens and news that Persia has invaded Greece. Crackley's school hall was transformed into the Athenian Agora (an assembly and marketplace). Dressed in ancient Greek costumes and taking on ancient Greek names the children adopted traditional roles making their own artefacts using skills prevalent at the time. They worked as wax tablet makers, potters and painters, sculptors, fresco painters, pavement makers, lamp makers and even physicians. As news of the impending invasion came, the children gathered to make a democratic decision to ask for help from the warriors of Sparta. Although the children were not at all impressed to discover that in that early democracy slaves, metics (foreigners), children and even women weren't allowed to vote! However, they did enjoy hearing about the famous Battle of Marathon and how the Athenians managed to defeat the Persians despite being outnumbered by them. In the afternoon the children celebrated with a banquet, they enjoyed Greek foods including feta, figs, dates, pitta and cooked meats. There was also entertainment with dancing and a performance of the myth of Pandora. It was yet another fun-filled, fabulous learning day. Modern day Junior 3 teachers Ms Holmes and Mrs Van Zyl were very impressed, commenting, "The day was really engaging, it really brought history and our ancient Greece topic alive."

  • 10 May19/05/10 13:03:03 Crackley Hall School

    Crackley Hall's Junior 4 pupils enjoyed a half-day music technology workshop hosted by Princethorpe College on Thursday 9 May. The workshop was run by Director of Music, Gil Cowlishaw, ably assisted by Music Teacher, Alison Wakeley, and took place in the College's dedicated Music Technology suite. The children were introduced to computer music production concepts such as sequencing and arrangement and then encouraged to experiment. Using the technology software Band Lab, the children enjoyed creating music in a completely new way. Starting with drum machine patterns and loops and adding texture through the addition of bass, keyboard and even vocal lines the children each created their own unique piece. After a short break and a Princethorpe cookie, the children moved on to explore the concept of harmony. This time using online song writing software Hookpad, the children built a pattern of major and minor chords and overlaid their own melodies. Finally, the children listened to their music in a variety of music styles including rock, pop, jazz and even reggae. The Year 4s clearly enjoyed the workshop and exploring music in a new way and everyone was able to save their Band Lab creations on a memory stick to take home to share with their families. Mr Cowlishaw, commented, "We had lots of fun in our music technology taster, the children were all fantastic to work with and created some amazing pieces. The online software we used can be found at www.hooktheory.com if anyone wants to carry on creating."

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