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Stay 'n' Play At Home

06 Nov

Last Wednesday 4 November saw the launch of Stay ‘n’ Play At Home, a series of fortnightly videos featuring favourite activities.

Although Little Crackers Nursery has remained open throughout the pandemic, the nursery staff have been missing out on meeting up every Wednesday in term-time with all their Stay ‘n’ Play, toddler group, families. So, with social distancing restrictions set to continue for the foreseeable future, the toddler group’s organisers Gail Buswell and Mary O’Brien are now offering exciting virtual sessions to help entertain all those lovely little ones at home.

Stay ‘n’ Play At Home, is a series of fortnightly videos featuring favourite activities such as: settle down for story-time, join in our sing-a-long and get creative with craft. Each video will offer the mums and tots the chance to take part in activities that will entertain and support early learning and as a video, families can choose to join in with all or part of each session at a time to suit themselves.

Gail explains, “The sessions are going to be great fun and although we can’t meet up in person, through technology I know we can keep the spirit and fun of our toddler group going.” Mary added, “It has been fun putting the videos together and they contain activities we always have on offer at Stay ‘n’ Play. So, we hope everyone will enjoy them.”

The first Stay ‘n’ Play At Home was sent out on Wednesday 4 November, and we have been delighted with its popularity. If you know someone you think might be interested in joining our Stay ‘n’ Play community and receiving the video links, especially as we are now back in lockdown, then please ask them to contact Jenny Vaughan on jennyvaughan@crackleyhall.co.uk or on 01926 514410.

We hope to resume Stay ‘n’ Play in its familiar format as soon as it is safe to do so.

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