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Sporting Talents On Show At Nursery Sports Day

29 Jun

The lines were painted, the front lawn awash with hats, bags, cakes, plates, fishing nets and more all in preparation for nursery’s much awaited Little Crackers Sports Day. On Tuesday 20 June the crowds gathered early on creating a buzz of excitement and over 40 Little Crackers nursery pupils headed to the tracks ready for one of their biggest events of the summer.

With the jubilant crowd milling around in eager anticipation, Mr Duigan welcomed guests and the races were soon underway. Our four-year-olds started things off in true British fashion with the Great Cake Relay and they were swiftly followed by our two and three-year-olds in the all-important Hat and Bag Relay race!

With just about time to catch their breath, the four-year-olds were back on the tracks for the Hoop Skill Relay Race and our two and three-year-olds positively buoyant on their heels with the Fisherman’s Net Relay race. The morning’s activities were rounded off with a sprint race for both age groups where we saw some true little firecrackers rocketing down the tracks. Woosh!

Our budding racers were ably supported by some of Crackley Hall’s Junior 6 and Princethorpe College Sixth Formers who provided warm words of encouragement (and at times a helping hand down the track!).

A great morning was had by all and a special thank you to our Nursery Team and Miss Jones for putting together this year’s super sporty event.

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