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Little Crackers Go Caterpillar Crazy

23 Apr

Our Little Crackers had a special Caterpillar delivery on Monday, which triggered lots of lovely learning throughout the week.

Our tiny teeny caterpillars were amazing, and after lots of discussion about how they will change, and eventually become butterflies, it was decided that we needed lots more flowers in our garden for them. We looked at what was already growing, chose and then dug the area, removed the stones and then planted the seeds. Every day we have watered the ground, but we need to wait a long, long time! Luckily the caterpillars are growing much faster, and we can see them getting bigger every day. The conversation developed over the week to include all the things that live in our gardens, and with that in mind we also began to create a Bug Bedroom; a cosy, quiet place for the spiders and ladybirds to snooze!