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Nursery Sports Day Was So Much Fun

22 Jun

Our Little Crackers had a fabulous time at their Nursery Sports Day on Monday 20 June.

 The children headed outside excitedly with everyone ready to rocket down the course laid out on the front lawn. The determination and concentration on their little faces was amazing as they took on the challenges of the cones, the tennis rackets and even the dressing up race.

Miss Lois had worked hard in the children’s PE sessions to get everyone ready to race but there was so much enthusiasm that the moment she said go everyone upped and charged down the course! After a quick restart they were then off taking turns to run up and down. There were eight teams in each race, with plenty of staff and even our lovely Junior 5s on hand to encourage and support our Little Crackers as they flew up and down the tracks.

A great morning was had by all. A special thank you to our Nursery Team, Miss Lois and the Junior 5s for organising all the fun.

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