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Little Crackers Pre-Schoolers Graduation

24 Jun

The Little Crackers Nursery team organised a very special ‘Graduation Ceremony’ to celebrate the pre-school group ‘moving on’ to big school.

The ceremony took place on Thursday 23 June, and the children were each presented with a little scroll by Nursery Teacher, Lisa O’Carroll-Bailey.

The children had practised two special songs for the occasion and performed them perfectly much to the delight of their parents and grandparents.

Nursery Deputy Manager, Mrs Bird, video called in, to watch the ceremony, much to the delight of the children, and was touched to receive a beautiful ‘get well soon’ card from them all.

Mrs O’Carroll-Bailey, said, “The graduation was a wonderful event that reminded us of all of the good times we have had this year. It was a great way to mark this important moment for our little ones. We are all sorry to see this fantastic group of children move on, but we wave goodbye with a smile, and plenty of good wishes for exciting times in Reception.”

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