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Nursery Day

A typical day at Little Crackers Nursery


Children will be met by staff who take the time to chat with parents and carers, sharing news before helping them to start their day.

The children become increasingly independent as they hang their coats up, pop to the bathroom and decide where they want to start their learning journey. The pre-school children are usually keen to discuss their library books and change them at this time too.


Areas will be set up which encourage children to jump straight in, whilst other areas left as a blank canvas for them to develop their own ideas. The room will reflect the different areas of the curriculum e.g., mathematical concepts, early writing skills, painting, scissor skills, sand and water, making their own play dough, or role play.

We often split into small groups whilst other children continue to play. Adults in the room lead and support the children, to encourage and enhance their exploration and learning. There are also planned sessions throughout the week when the children can participate in specialist teaching sessions such as Rugby Tots, music, PE, French or Forest School.

Snack Time

During the morning the children are invited to help themselves to a healthy snack, along with a drink of milk or water. We encourage a very sociable experience whilst they sit together with their friends.

Lunch Time

We all work together as a team to tidy the nursery, we then sit together and have a story, or share our news. This gives us a chance to listen to each other, before we say a small prayer of thanks and sit together for lunch

Quiet Time

After lunch, some children need a sleep and all our children benefit from some quiet time. We give the children the opportunity to be calm, rest and reflect before the afternoon session begins.


The afternoon follows a similar pattern to the morning with the children being offered a mid-afternoon snack and drink.

Staff are careful to include every child whilst catering for their individual needs. This could be, allowing our youngest children to experiment in the writing area, exploring with various materials and working freely to make marks on the paper whilst our Hedgehogs and Badgers will access the area in a different way.

End of the Day

Children help again with a quick tidy up, and then we sit together for a story. Those children who stay, will sit together and enjoy a light supper of sandwiches before enjoying a free and relaxing end to their day.  Whenever it is time to go home, we will bring your child to meet you and feedback about how their day has gone. 

Typical week of specialist teaching:

Our children also benefit from trying new activities at an early age including Music, Drama, PE and Games, Forest School and French lessons, all taught by specialist teachers.














Forest School